I moved to Maui in 1980, and after being raised in the sunshine and saltwater of the California coast,
Hawaii was the natural next home for me.
My formal arts education began here on Maui...through the Maui College and the Hui No'eau. Some of my most valued teachings came from the private studios of some of Hawaii's best known artists, including Richard Nelson, Eddie Flotte, and Francesca La Rue.
Art has been such a valuable part of my life since I was a child. I grew up with a family of artists and "thinkers"... who supported an atmosphere of creativity and curiosity about life. I always enjoyed a very active lifestyle and often included study and inspiration time
outdoors, on the water, and underwater too! Diving, surfing, paddling, biking...!
Texture, color, the play of light and shadow...these are the things that catch my eyes
and fill my mind with inspirations. The studio is a place to work and play and I try to keep the creative process fresh and fun...experiment a lot...
then practice, practice, practice, practice....!

Mahalo for visiting my website...Enjoy!